If your child is struggling academically at school, having hard time stay focused on tasks, he may have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). About 10% of children have it.

If you suspect that your child is not performing at school to his potential, as responsible parent you must go to your family doctor and request psychological assessment.

While you are waiting for visit to the doctor, as quick first step you may try our GoNoGo online test (about 10 min long, recommended on home computer, not mobile device). Please note, this online test might be considered as preliminary indication only and cannot replace professional assessment. 

If your child scores less then 75 you better visit your family doctor anytime soon. If you confused by the test, don’t hesitate to do it again or contact us for guidance.

Also, ADHD is highly genetic, if your child has it, 70% chances that one of the parents has it too. Test yourself as well.

Right management of ADHD may improve life drastically!

If you find this test useful, you may consider it for ongoing monitoring to make sure your brain performance remains the best. Over time the system will generate a chart like the one below to illustrate your cognitive profile and its dynamics over lifetime.