For Parents

ADHD Assist was founded by parents of ADHD children to share experience and the best tools collected to help other thousands of parents of children with learning disabilities. Being a parent of such a special child is a very demanding mission. Such parents have to stay on top of the child’s special needs. Many standard parenting techniques don’t apply to children with this disability. Nobody teaches parents how to be prepared for such challenge. ADHD Assist believes in an approach based on brain plasticity theory. Brain plasticity theory has two main components:

  1. Brain training – a child’s brain must be trained every day using cognitive excises such as. Lumosity or Mind Sparke.
  2. Brain monitoring  – to make sure the child is progressing and the treatment or training approach is effective as does ADHD Assist.

There are multiple treatment approaches available today. Their success criteria are mostly subjective. Responsible parents have to know if their child is working in right direction. Scientific monitoring is essential. ADHD Assist provides this knowledge. With the ADHD Assist Monitoring system, parents receive a clear improvement chart and can respond quickly to negative change. All parents have to do is to remind their child to do the check once a week. It is easy to stay on top of your child’s brain performance.

For Clinicians

ADHD Assist promotes objective monitoring of cognitive performance in individuals with a range of learning disabilities including ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Visual Processing Disorder and so on. ADHD Assist believes that measurement-based cognitive monitoring should influence treatment adjustments for a specific individual in order to maximize the effectiveness of the proposed treatment. Your patients can check their brain performance at home and you the clinician can review the results and apply required adjustments to the treatment plan.

ADHD Assist has developed a line of cognitive tests to make remote brain monitoring possible. Our tests measure: Speed, Attention, Impulsivity, Consistency, Short Term Memory, Working Memory and so on.