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ADHD Assist was founded by parents of ADHD children for ADHD/ADD children and their parents. ADHD Assist helps by sharing valuable ADHD/ADD best practice and care information and tools.

What solutions do we offer?

ADHD/ADD is a permanent condition caused by biological issues in frontal lobe of the brain. It effects executive functioning and is accompanied by many learning disabilities. ADHD/ADD children experience multiple academic and social challenges in school. Approximately ten percent of children (an average of two or three per class) suffers from ADHD/ADD.

ADHD is a global problem, estimated to affect over 37 million people in the seven major markets (US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, and the UK). The CDC reports that ADHD prevalence amongst children is as high as 10% and among adults it is 5%. ADHD is associated with a significant cost burden, estimated at up to $52 billion in the US alone. In the USA today, the most common therapy is medication in the form of strong stimulant drugs. About two-thirds of diagnosed U.S. children are prescribed medication; in Canada, about fifty percent of diagnosed children are medicated. Once a child prescribed a stimulant, a child takes it for many years. The effectiveness of stimulants is known to reduce over time. Parents don’t have any measurable indication of the effectiveness of a prescribed dosage. Existing common monitoring tools are based on subjective and inaccurate questionnaires. Until now highly specialized skills have been necessary to use computerized tools for initial full diagnostics and ongoing monitoring. ADHD Assist gives parents accessible and easy to use monitoring tools to measure symptoms on regular basis in order to make sure prescribed treatment is still effective.

expensive and stressful tests at an ADHD clinic. For instance, if a child shows twenty percent reduction in his tests from the last two-three measurements, parents might want to consult with their doctor to see whether any adjustments in the treatment plan are warranted. Parents also benefit by knowing the percent of children with the same profile as their child and the effectiveness of the medications they use. If a child doesn’t show the same ratio of improvement under the same medication as others with the profile do, parents should be looking for more effective alternatives. Until now this kind of information has not been available for ADHD parents. ADHD Assist changes this status quo.

What solutions do we offer?

My son Yoav was diagnosed last year and my family has faced all the problems associated with every step on this way: realization that is something different/wrong with your loved child, not knowing what to do, then finding the answer, accepting the answer, learning about ADHD parenting and finally finding the best framework/approach to manage ADHD in your family.

Its a life long process for the child, his parents and his friends. We think current status quo in ADHD treatment when one of stimulant drugs is being prescribed based on subjective evaluation of physician can’t be the only way anymore. We sure that parents of ADHD kids can find better way together. We might know some answers now. We need your help to discover the better approach.

By creating free account for your ADHD child and monitoring his cognitive performance with ADHD Assist you will contribute to our collective effort to build reliable tool for all ADHD children and their parents!

Thank you for your support!

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